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Gender Equity Resources

Browse our list of 300+ egalitarian resources to redress the balance of women's personhood and priesthood.

The Salvation Army believes unequivocally in women's right and responsibility to participate as full and equal partners in all areas of church, community and relationship.

The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory's mission statement on Gender Equity is 'Together we will work towards eliminating any barriers of sexism and gender bias across The Salvation Army so all are included, valued and equipped to reach their full potential - as God intended.'

Check out The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory's Gender Equity Committee website here.

In our Gender Equity Resources, we've provided a list of over 300+ resources to arm you in this fight for justice. We want all areas of The Salvation Army to develop safe and holy environments for women and girls to thrive in. Our Gender Equity Resources are a living list to provide another tool in your kete (basket), to help free the captives and proclaim the Good News to all members of our community in Jesus' name! We will be updating and editing this list as time goes on, and would love your input and feedback.

Do you have any resources you believe should be included in our Gender Equity Resources or feedback on the list?

Abuse (See also 'Sexual Abuse')



Disability/Special Needs



Equality in the Bible
(These are some of the best online resources for theological exploration of scriptures that concern 'women's roles'. Search these websites for keywords ie 'submit', 'silent', 'obey'. For book recommendations and lists, please contact Booth College of Mission on 04-528 8628 or

Equality in church 

Equality in homes

Equality in the workplace

Equality-focused Christian Facebook Groups

(Use the search bar in these Facebook Groups for files and articles on the topic you're after)

Feminine imagery of God

Gender Equity research

Gender-inclusive language


International Women's Day

Male-headship theology

Male violence against women








Sexual abuse

Submission and silence



Terror Texts [Professor Phyllis Trible's exegesis of the 'terrible scriptures' of Hagar, Tamar, an unnamed concubine, and the daughter of Jephthah]


Unequal power dynamics

Women in the Bible

Women in leadership

Women in ministry