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God and Father's Day Cards Printables

Celebrate fathers, father-figures and God together!

We have created this resource for you to use to help people celebrate fathers, father-figures and God our Father this Father's Day - and provide space for tamariki and family without earthly fathers to reflect on our Father in heaven.

'Happy Father's Day!
God our Father says 'I have always loved you. I continue to show you my constant love.' - Jeremiah 31:3
Your Father in Heaven loves you.' 
- message in God and Father's Day cards

Father's Day and Mother's Day are a time of celebration, reflection, hope and joy for many. They can be a way to uplift the mother-figures and father-figures in our lives, and reflect on the attributes of God reflected in their love.

We also acknowledge that these days can be filled with disappointment for some. We want to make space for all experiences, focusing on God's love, renewal and healing.

God and Father's Day Cards

The designs feature words like compassionate, comforting, tender, listener, gentle, nurturing. These are attributes of God and fathers that we celebrate! Use these cards to discuss these aspects of God our Father and father-figures this Father's Day.

Many children (young and old) need space to see God as their Father when their father might not be with them. Inside our God and Father's card is 'I have always loved you, I continue to show you my constant love.' and the words 'Your Father in heaven loves you.' We hope these cards can be paired with a sensitive message from parents, pastors and others that God is our heavenly Father who loves and celebrates us.

    God and Father's Day card printable instructions

    We have multiple options for printing God and Father's Day Cards. These cards look great on heavier card stock if you have it.

    Download the one that suits you and print double-sided, flip on the long edge:

    • God and Father's Cards: These print an A5, folded card that could go in an envelope and be written in.
    • God and Father's Postcard Message: These are A6, and can be printed as a complete handout with the enclosed message on the back, or left blank.
    • God and Father's Postcard Simple: These are A6, and can be printed with just 'Happy Father's Day' on the back with space to write, or left blank.

    Father's Day inclusion of your congregation

    • What could your children's church or Corps do to amplify this message and create space for those who miss their fathers, or have never known them?
    • What questions or reflections are appropriate for your Corps members?
    • Is there a sermon or an image that could open conversations without glossing over a father's absence?

    God and Father's Cards

    Type: PDF
    Size: 318.24 KB
    Date: 19 Aug 2019

    God and Father's Postcard Message (A6)

    Type: PDF
    Size: 810.2 KB
    Date: 3 Sep 2020

    God and Father's Postcard (A6)

    Type: PDF
    Size: 789.71 KB
    Date: 3 Sep 2020