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Mātuanui Prayer: God is Love in a time of Coronavirus.

Mātuanui is a Māori word used to refer to God meaning 'Ultimate Parent'. Mātuanui Prayer is a poetic take on the Lord's Prayer, from the unique voice of Aotearoa, New Zealand as we intercede in a time of COVID19.

Mātuanui Prayer: God is Love in a time of Coronavirus

This prayer was written by Salvationist and Women's Ministries staff Soldier Rosy Keane as a way for us to pray together during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is available in multiple forms, for free use. The General of The Salvation Army urged that Sunday April 19th 2020 be an International Day of Prayer for Salvationists worldwide. Why not use this prayer as one of your pleas?

In the words of our Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries, Colonel Heather Rodwell, this is 'a prayer to pray slowly and deeply. Line by line.'  We pray together with you, however you are able to worship around the world in coming seasons.

God is not isolated from us or absent, and can meet you wherever you are, in sickness and in health.

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Mātuanui Prayer:

Mātuanui, Ultimate Parent,

Our God who comforts us as both mother and father, draw near to your children because heaven and earth are both your home.

You care about us, and we say your name is blessed, even in times like this, of fear and hardship. We revel in joy, not knowing what tomorrow brings. We choose to be known for our love and confidence in El Roi, the One Who See Us.

Your view of a restored humanity come - in the unrest and worry, let us not hurry but slow. We choose to sink into the feeling and knowledge that you are in control, God, both against and with all reason and logic. You are King of Kings, in heaven and earth, where you reside.

Give us all we need, yes, and teach us to release it to others without fear or prejudice. Help us to see our resources as manna provided from heaven, and that you will show us even more providence then this, if only we can open our hands and trust you. Bread, basics, water, comfort, rest. Restore unto us the joy of knowing you are El Shaddai, the Nourishing One and the One Who Provides.

Let us hear your voice, the one that leads us away from the temptation to hoard, harass, worry, blame or curse others in our unbelief. Instead, we choose to know you are Alpha and Omega, the first word, and the last one. Help us to use our words carefully, and to bring healing, knowing you are our Great Physician.

Deliver us in this, a time of trial. Let us use our time wisely, generously and fruitfully. Deliver the lonely to comfort. Deliver us from the evil of selfishness. Let us pour out our lives in the pursuit of loving others, knowing you are Immanuel, God with Us, even when we cannot embrace one another. Open borders, pathways and hearts to others, and you.

For everything is yours, and we are yours.

The power is yours, and our weakness is where your power can be even more beautifully manifested.

And we give glory to you, our Matuanui, Ultimate Parent.


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