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Neighbours Day Aotearoa Printable

Neighbours Day Aotearoa goes from March 22 to March 31 this year. With a great idea from Major June Allwright of The Salvation Army Ashburon, we have turned a beautiful artwork into an invitation to be better neighbours with your community.

Major June Allwright has always been skilled at connecting people into community. In the wake of the recent Christchurch tragedy, June was looking for ways to bless her neighbours and see how The Salvation Army could reach out with compassion and kindness. When she saw young Salvationist Cherise Holley's 'Let's Just Love Each Other' artwork that she produced in response to the Christchurch shootings, June decided to use the beautiful image to bless others, capture people's attention and open the door to community.

We want to pursue the unity in our community... and to encourage each other to continue to connect with our neighbours.'

June says 'I loved what the artwork meant and that it was done in response to last Friday's tragedy. The timing of Neighbours Day was perfect, and so encouraging for our Corps family. We want to pursue the unity in our community that has happened, and to encourage each other to continue to connect with our neighbours.'

A simple message

On the back of the artwork, June fashioned a simple message. 'Hello neighbour, I am/we are your neighbour/s, we just wanted to let you know that's great to be neighbours with you. Please let me/us know if there is anything I/we can do to support you as our neighbour.'  We have two file options: 'I am your neighbour' or 'We are your neighbours', depending on which language suits the correspondence.

You can print this artwork and invitation, fill in your Corps, center, group name or your own name as you make contact with your neighbours. Make sure to sign it at the end, so each person who receives a card knows that they have been thought of personally, even if you don't know their names yet.

Print it yourself for Neighbours Day

We have included the PDF files for you to download and print. You can print double sided, and if you have heavier card, that will make this artwork more special and last longer! A big thank you to June, Cherise and every member of our Salvationist community who are drawing together in this time to seek to be better neighbours and holistic love to one another.

Please continue to pray for those affected by the Christchurch tragedy, pray for the Muslim community and pray for all who are feeling fearful and afraid. Peace be with you, and may Jesus Christ our Lord be your strength and rear-guard.

I am Neighbours

Type: PDF
Size: 1.68 MB
Date: 21 Mar 2019

We are Neighbours

Type: PDF
Size: 1.68 MB
Date: 21 Mar 2019