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Sensible Shoes

By Sharon Garlough Brown

Sensible Shoes is a novel with a difference. It traces the significant journey that 4 women take when they meet as strangers in a spiritual formation programme. Hannah is a pastor who doesn’t realise how exhausted she is while taking a period of enforced rest. Meg is a widow haunted by her past and Mara is a woman who has experienced so much rejection in her life that she struggles to navigate her difficult marriage. The fourth person is Charissa – a most unlikely candidate for being in this group, being a highly-strung graduate student who is such a perfectionist.

Author Sharon Garlough Brown merges genres as she draws us into the lives of these women, while providing tools along the way we can apply in our own lives. As you read this book you find your own story merging with those of the four women. It’s this intersection of fact and fiction that makes it such a compelling read. It’s a story of vulnerability and struggle that is common to most women and provides a rare insight into what unfolds when we open up to one another and to God.

Reviewed by Colonel Heather Rodwell.