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Together We Build Thank You cards

We're so grateful to everyone who is making The Salvation Army Women's Minsitries Together We Build project possible, through their support and donations! We've made this freely printable thank you card so you can let people know you're grateful too!

On September 28th last year, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province, triggering a tsunami that killed 2000 and displaced more than 1.5 million. The Salvation Army, known locally as 'Bala Keselamatan', had a major presence in the clean up but their work isn't done. Many Corps still lie buried in rubble and officers' (pastors) homes remain sites of destruction.

In our Together We Build project, Women's Ministries around the territory is joining together with the wider Salvation Army to raise money to rebuild three officers' quarters in Central Sulawesi.

Our target is $44,500 NZD by the end of 2019, enough for three homes.

Together We Build Thank You cards

Every donation helps. Below is a printable file, with A6 cards that you can use however you like. Print them on A4 card, and if possible write a message to the recipient!

Together We Build Certificates

We also have these printable certificates for groups and teams who have fundraised any amount together. Print them out, fill in the name and amount and let's celebrate together!

Together We Build resources

All our other Together We Build printable resources, speeches and Powerpoints are here. Check out what is useful, and don't forget to share with us what you're doing!


Together We Build Thank You Cards A6

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Date: 24 Oct 2019