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The wise still seek him free printable card

If you're looking for a beautiful Christmas card that shares the joy of seeking out Jesus, check out our 'The wise still seek him' printable!

We rejoice that through the sacrifice of Jesus, we have been included in the tribe who belong to God.

Check out one of our WM contributors Tracy Andrews' writing on the journey of the wise men, and what we can learn from their lives. Just as the wise men of great renown in Matthew 2:1-12 sought Jesus, we too seek him every day!

'The wise men gave the most costly gifts of their day. Each gift had a purpose and meaning: gold represented kingship, frankincense represented priesthood and myrrh represented death and embalming. Their offerings blessed Jesus and his family.'

Our 'The Wise Still Seek Him' card is a free gift from Women's Ministries to you, this Christmas. Print in colour and on A4 card - there are two per page.

We also have these available as A4 posters or small A6 posters. Feel free to use these however you like!

'Today, the most costly thing we can give Jesus is our lives. This means daily obeying God and giving him our full attention and love. These offerings are not to be given lightly, and need to come from the right place if we want them to bless God, others and our Christian whanau - the Church.' - Tracy Andrews, The Wise Still Seek Him


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