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WM Christmas Tags

Looking for gift tags with a uniquely Kiwi flavour? Print out these easy-to-make gift tags for your Christmas presents this year!

Finding the right gift for Christmas can be difficult enough, without thinking about the gift tag on top. While you can totally just Sharpie on top of the wrapping paper (we're all about that life), we thought our WM community might love these simple, pohutukawa themed gift tags we made. It's a pretty sweet, pretty Kiwi addition to your Christmas decorating! 

  • Tags: Print on card (or paper) and cut into squares. 
  • Writing names: If you want to try something fancy, check out these Youtube videos, that teach basic calligraphy and some cheat tips as well!
  • Hole punching: Try using gold sticker dots when you punch a hole in the tag to make it look more glam. You can pick up a pack from Warehouse Stationery here!
  • Extras: If you want that extra flair, tie two lots of ribbon around your gift and use the blade to curl one of the ribbons. Level up with a different colour ribbon underneath, and secure with doublesided tape. Attach a puppy if you want all the decorating points possible.

Download yours today, and get giving! You could even write a kind note on the back of one of these and give to a co-worker, friend or relative as an alternative to present-buying. Head on over to our Women's Ministries Facebook Page for more great ideas!


WM Christmas Label

Type: PDF
Size: 1.33 MB
Date: 4 Dec 2018