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Women's Ministries Logo adult-colouring mandala

Read the story of The Salvation Army Women's Ministries logo while you complete the beautiful adult-colouring mandala!

'She didn't know whether she was coming or going!' is a phrase that might sum up how many of us live. But Jesus shows us another way.

'Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.' - Mark 6:31

Jesus never abandoned jobs that needed doing, but he also knew when to refocus and withdraw. The practice of drawing or colouring in might be a helpful way for you and your group to 'come away' with Jesus.




Our Women's Ministries logo 

We have had our Women's Ministries logo transformed into a beautiful adult-colouring mandala, thanks to young Salvationist artist Crystal Anniss. We invite you to read and reflect on the meaning of the logo as you complete it. Logo creator artist Rosy Keane explains the significance:

  • The W and M are mirror-images of one another, symbolising the completeness that women and men find together as the image of God. 
  • They are neither above or below each other - they are in unison, representing the harmony and mutual submission we are called to as believers.
  • They are both enclosed in the circle, representing the encompassing, never-ending nature of God. 
  • Their edges flow out of the circle, showing the way our humanity interacts with God in unexpected, boundary-defying ways. 
  • They are a representation of a heartbeat, as together we are the expression of God’s life and love to all.

What feels resonant in this for you?


Mandala with explanation

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Date: 7 Nov 2019

Mandala only

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Date: 7 Nov 2019