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World Prayer Map: Praying for all The Salvation Army

Are you looking for a way to pray for The Salvation Army, and the world? We've got you covered! We've divided every country in the world into two lists: where The Salvation Army is officially active, and where we aren't (yet), but are praying for opportunities for Jesus to move.

Prayer is the most important element of a Christian's deepening spiritual life with Jesus. We know that communicating with God to hear what God wants to say to us is how we remain effective, humble and hopeful. We've made a beautiful, high-resolution prayer map and two lists of all the countries in the world, to help you pray for the whole earth. 

No printer? No problem! Just download the two lists of countries, and pray for a few every day, or the ones you feel led to. Use Google to find out more about them, and Google Earth to locate them!

'I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people, for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.
' - 1 Timothy 2:1-2

    The Salvation Army Yearbook

    We suggest using The Salvation Army's Yearbook alongside the map. The Yearbooks have current statistics, postings and important information around the countries that The Salvation Army is active in. We want to be able to pray effectively together for the countries, and this is one way to do so. Check to see if your Corps has a Yearbook, otherwise, you can purchase one from The Salvation Army territorial and command headquarters, or purchase on Kindle.

    Praying for countries where The Salvation is, and isn't yet:

    As of 2020, The Salvation Army is officially active in 131 countries. You can see the entire list of countries at The Salvation Army International's website. One of the newest countries to be added to the list is our own Samoa, pioneered by Lt. Colonels Jenny and Rod Carey in 2018. 

    We have a complete list of all these countries, and also all the countries where The Salvation Army isn't officially active yet. The tabs are a different colour for quick identification.

    • Print the World Map as large as possible. A0 is preferable (16 x A4) - this is a great option for a prayer room. Warehouse Stationery New Zealand prints A0, colour, for $18.
    • Print both the 'Countries With' and 'Countries Without' files on card/heavy paper, and cut these to size. Place in separate areas, so people know what they're praying for. Maybe have a sign or text on the countries where The Salvation Army is not saying 'God is always at work. We pray for the countries that don't have a Salvation Army presence and uplift our Christian sisters and brothers advancing the Gospel there. We also ask for opportunities for The Salvation Army to begin work in these places, if that is what God wants for us.'
    • Provide pins and the Yearbook or an atlas, so people can find the countries they're praying for on the map!
    • Provide current worldwide news clippings, or reach out to overseas officers and friends to hear prayer needs (optional)
    • Continue praying by suggesting people make a note of the countries they've pinned and continue praying for them.

    COVID-19 Response World Map

    We've prepared a copy of the map that The Salvation Army International shared, with the Google Earth image of all the places The Salvation Army is responding to the COVID-19 crisis in April 2020. Pray for the workers and The Salvation Army response teams. All these places will continue to need prayer once the pandemic abates, as many will have lost friends, have been grief-stricken, encountered PTSD and come out changed from this unexpected worldwide health crisis. Pray for us all.

    • Print the COVID-19 Map and pray for the places you see and recognise, or feel led to pray for.
    • Place a pin on top of the countries you've prayed for.
    • Continue praying

    Countries with The Salvation Army

    Type: PDF
    Size: 65.33 KB
    Date: 8 Apr 2020

    Countries Without The Salvation Army

    Type: PDF
    Size: 1.2 MB
    Date: 8 Apr 2020

    World Map Printable

    Type: PDF
    Size: 2.94 MB
    Date: 8 Apr 2020

    COVID-19 World Map

    Type: PDF
    Size: 313.92 KB
    Date: 8 Apr 2020