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SPACE Programme - Newtown

About us:  

Our SPACE programme (Supporting Parents Alongside Children’s Education) is facilitated by experienced, qualified teachers who are passionate about infant development and the holistic wellbeing of infants, parents and whānau. The Space programme will give you valuable information that will give you confidence in the first year of your parenting journey and connections with other parents.  

We are connected to and part of a community services hub and the Salvation Army church, offering wrap around support services for families. We also provide wrap around services for the whole family such as playgroup, counselling, foodbank, and vegetable co-op. 

The SPACE parenting programmes run four mornings a week, Monday to Thursdays 9:00am-11.30am for 15 babies and parents per session.  

We start a new programme at the beginning of every new term with 2 options depending on the age of your baby. 

Three-term Programme:  Ideal for beginning pēpi at aged approx. 3 months to 5 months old. 

The first two terms cover topics relating to child physical, social, and emotional development as your baby grows through their first year. We also discuss supportive topics about becoming a parent in an environment that is safe and fun for you, as a new parent to learn alongside your pēpi.  

The final term is based on play experiences that will provide you with some insight into how play extends your child’s learning, with heaps of fun along the way.  

Two-term Programme: We also offer a two-term programme, ideal for beginning pēpi at aged approx. 5 months to 9 months old. Starting regularly in January and July every year. 

A perfect opportunity to join a Space programme if you did not manage to do so earlier when baby was new. 

This consists of one term of discussion topics that relate to parenting and child development, more relevant to the later stage of your parenting journey and the age of your pēpi and one term of play experiences which provide you an environment to enjoy engaging with your pēpi while they explore play. 

To find out more about a Space programme for your baby click on the register your interest below and make sure to add the word SPACE and any other details in the comment section.

Contact us:

Phone: 04 389 9781 
Register your interest online. (please add the word SPACE and any other details in the comment section)

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