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Help Overseas

children in Fiji

Not only do we help those in need in New Zealand, we also help overseas in a wide variety of ways.

Just Gifts

Just Gifts is a great way to support The Salvation Army's work in some of those countries. You can buy a gift online, knowing exactly how that money will be spent and that it will go to those who need it the most.

f.o.o.d Programme

By setting aside just $1 a week you can help relieve hunger in underdeveloped and famine-prone countries.

'Families Offer One Dollar' is a project that seeks to remind Christians in developed countries of their responsibility towards the millions of deprived and starving people in under-developed and famine-prone countries.

Fiji Family Care Centre Sponsorship

Our Family Care Centres in Suva, Lautoka and Labasa are safe houses for women escaping domestic violence, homelessness and human trafficking.

For $30 a month, you can help support this work.

Child sponsorship

Countless children need the care and support of The Salvation Army. Without this care children would have nowhere to sleep, they would go hungry and they cannot go to school.

With your financial support, The Salvation Army can help care for children in need. You can help children develop into healthy, happy, fulfilled young people.

You can make a difference with a regular commitment of $30 per month, thats around $1 a day

Development projects

The Salvation Army International Development works with some of the poorest communities around the world, providing the resources they need to restore their physical, economic, social and spiritual well-being.