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f.o.o.d Programme

f.o.o.d - Families Offer One DollarBy setting aside just $1 a week you can help relieve hunger in underdeveloped and famine-prone countries.

What is f.o.o.d?

‘Families Offer One Dollar’ is a project that seeks to remind Christians in developed countries of their responsibility towards the millions of deprived and starving people in under-developed and famine-prone countries. 

f.o.o.d encourages Salvationists and friends to set aside $1 per family per week as a positive and continuing commitment to the world’s hungry. 

Check out Just Gifts and select ‘Food’ to contribute. 

Suggested payments: annually $52.00, half yearly $26.00, quarterly $13.00. Please make payments to: ‘The Salvation Army FOOD Project’. 

For more information:

Lt. Colonel Milton Collins
Territorial International Development Officer
Phone: (04) 802 6269
Email: Milton Collins