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Development Projects

Major Vyvyenne Noakes examines project work in Malawi

In partnership with NZAID, our Overseas Development team works with communities to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, particularly alleviating poverty and providing universal education.

Salvation Army Overseas Development works with some of the poorest communities around the world, providing the resources they need to restore their physical, economic, social, and spiritual well-being. We believe poverty is more than a lack of food or money: poverty is a preventable injustice that limits people reaching their potential. Our work focuses on supporting both individuals and communities by resourcing and empowering them to build a better life and future.

Overseas development is managing an NZAID-funded project at Lomaivuna Rural School, Fiji, and a literacy, savings and micro-credit programme for 7,500 women in Kenya West. Fundraisers held over the past year also enabled bikes to be purchased for Salvation Army cadets in Tanzania and Malawi to aid travel to and from centres.

Into the future, Overseas Development will focus more on education, ensuring particularly women and children receive basic literacy skills. Projects continue in Malawi, The Philippines, and Kenya West.

For more information:

Major Debbie Clark
Territorial Overseas Development Officer/Territorial Child Sponsorship Secretary
Phone: (04) 802 6269 ext 24850
Email: Debbie Clark