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Development Projects

Major Vyvyenne Noakes examines project work in Malawi

The Salvation Army International Development works with some of the poorest communities around the world, providing the resources they need to restore their physical, economic, social and spiritual well-being.

We believe poverty is more than a lack of food or money: poverty is a preventable injustice that limits people from reaching their potential. Our work focuses on supporting both individuals and communities by resourcing and empowering them to build a better life and future.

The Salvation Army Fiji, Tonga and Samoa assists mainly through financial contributions to support projects in developing countries where the International Salvation Army works. Our partnership allows the local voice to be heard and help decide what will bring about sustainable change in their community.

Our projects mainly focus on education, women, children and health. Projects continue in The Philippines, India, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Greece.

Partnership with NZAID has allowed us to work with communities to help alleviate poverty, through an income-generating programme and literacy project. After Cyclone Gita in the Pacific, the Salvation Army partnered with NZAID to provide a Disaster Resilience Project. Currently, we have a partnership to provide an Addiction Treatment Programme in Samoa.

There is also the opportunity for corporate and personal donors to support and partner with our international development projects. If this is something you would like to do, please contact us

For more information:

Lt. Colonel Milton Collins
Territorial Overseas Development Officer/Territorial Child Sponsorship Secretary
Phone: (04) 802 6269
Email: Milton Collins