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The Salvation Army Sponsorship Programme is a well-established and important aspect of The Salvation Army’s international ministry to those less fortunate around the world. 

You can be part of the solution to creating long-lasting community change through monthly giving to a child-focussed programme. You not only provide a community in need with generous support, but the six monthly news updates help you track how your donations work, seeing children grow up to be educated, healthy and happy

The Salvation Army International Sponsorship Programme has been in place for many years and is an important part of The Salvation Army’s international ministry to children around the world. New Zealand, as part of our territory, has child-focussed sponsorship in 17 countries, including our own Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. 

While the Salvation Army has intentionally moved away from individual sponsorship, it remains child focussed. Sponsorship is now more equitable, so no child in the centres or programmes we support is left out. We want to ensure the financial resources gifted make the greatest and most sustainable change for the children and the wider community. 

Your Donation 

The Salvation Army Sponsorship Programme is cost-effective sponsorship with 94% of your financial contribution sent directly to where it is needed. The remaining 6% is kept in New Zealand for administrative costs. Sponsorship provides financial support that enables children to receive education, food, clothing and medical support. 

How long do I sponsor? 

We encourage sponsorship for a minimum of three years, and are blessed with people who have been sponsoring for many, many years. Children take time to grow, and it takes time to make sustainable change; however, we can and do accept one-off donations. 

What does it cost? 

Our sponsorship is $360.00 a year and you can decide the frequency and a method of payment that works best for you—either automatic payment or credit card. You can sponsor individually, as a family or as a group. We currently have sponsored programmes in 17 countries around the world, including Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. 

Is sponsorship worth it? 

The emotional support The Salvation Army offers is essential to children who are disadvantaged because of poverty or who come from backgrounds of neglect. The environment we create is a nurturing one that gives children a new outlook on life. Our material support encourages this new outlook on life by providing warm clothing, food or school supplies. 

Children are a vulnerable demographic and need adults to help them during their formative years. Some are orphans, have disabilities or are victims of fractured families, missing the security and shelter of a home that has the resources to adequately provide for their needs. Many children simply miss the opportunity to attend school.  

The Salvation Army works with some of the most vulnerable children and families who live in extreme poverty, and shows them someone cares. This care forms the basis of the essential assistance that we provide through our Sponsorship Programme. 

Keeping Children Safe  

All Salvation Army locations funded throughout our Sponsorship Programme are required to create, and maintain safe environments. All staff must undergo regular child protection training and are required to undergo annual safety checks. All staff must identify opportunities to communicate The Salvation Army’s child protection message. 

On site monitoring visits include checks and interviews with staff and children to confirm policies are being followed. To complain about an unsafe sponsorship environment, people are directed to: https://www.salvationarmy.org.nz/complaints 

Will you sign up now, children need your support? 

While the changes to the model of sponsorship might have changed, the children’s needs have not. 



For more information:

Major Alister Irwin
Territorial International Development Officer
Phone: (027) 245 1658
Email: Major Alister Irwin

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