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Child Sponsorship

The Salvation Army Sponsorship Programme has been a well-established and important aspect of The Salvation Army’s international ministry to those less fortunate around the globe for many years.

While the Salvation Army has moved away from the individual sponsorship model, it is still child-focused. We believe we live in a time where we need to partner in a more equitable way and that no child in our centres or programmes gets left out. We want to ensure the financial resources that are gifted make the greatest and most sustainable change for the children, their families and the wider community.

Your Donation

The Salvation Army Sponsorship Programme is the most cost-effective sponsorship programme there is. 94% of your financial contribution goes to your sponsorship and is sent directly to where the need is. The remaining 6% is kept in New Zealand for administration costs. As a sponsor, you will provide financial support that enables children to receive education, food, clothing and medical needs.

How long should I sponsor for?

Sponsorship is not a short-term commitment. This is because children take time to grow and it takes time to make sustainable change. However, we do accept one off donations.

What does it cost?

Our sponsorship is $360.00 a year and you can decide the frequency and a method of payment that works best for you. You can sponsor individually, as a family or as a group. We currently have sponsorship in 21 countries around the world.

Is sponsorship worth it?

Definitely! Children of the world are a vulnerable group, and they need adults to help them during their formative years. Many children live in daily fear of being snatched off the streets or being hungry. Others are orphans, have disabilities or victims of fractured families, confused and missing the security and shelter of a home that has the resources to adequately provide for their needs.

Many children miss the opportunity to attend school. The Salvation Army works with some of the most vulnerable and families who live in extreme poverty and does its’ part to make sure children can have a brighter future and to work where possible with their families to make sure families can provide food, security and education. These, along with health care, form the basis of the essential assistance that we provide through our sponsorship programme.

Will you sign up now? The children need your support.

While the changes to the model of sponsorship might have changed, the children’s needs have not.

Contact Information:

Lt. Colonel Milton Collins
Territorial Overseas Development Officer/Territorial Child Sponsorship Secretary
Phone: (04) 802 6269
Email: Child Sponsorship

Sponsorship Form

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Date: 23 Mar 2021