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Symbol Cards Pack

Pack of image cards for discussion in small groups

Symbol cards are a great way to encourage conversation, openness and vulnerability in a small group setting. Using imagery as a conversation starter encourages people to open up and push past the surface-level much quicker and easier.

Symbol cards are a great tool to add to your ministry kete - whether it's small groups, youth ministry or kids church! This symbol cards first edition pack contains 50 cards.

The second edition of symbol cards (created with kids in mind) can be found here:


How to use:

> Start by asking your group a question. (i.e. How is your week going? What does Jesus mean to you? How is your faith journey going?)

> Ask each person to choose a card that encapsulates their answer/thoughts.

> Take turns sharing about each of your cards / answers.


How to print:

> With this PDF file open, select File > Print

> In the Print Settings/Print pop-up, look for Page Sizing & Handling (or equivalent) and select 'Multiple' and then 'Pages per sheet: 6'

> Make sure it is set to 'Colour' under Properties > Output Colour, then PRINT and CUT (use the grey circle as your edge guide)


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Symbol Cards Pack

Type: PDF
Size: 15.21 MB
Date: 21 Feb 2020