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45 Ways to Encounter God Multilingual Resource

Download one of our six language multilingual printables!

Are you looking for fresh ways to encounter God in multiple languages? Then check out our free illustrated printable prayer ideas, in six languages and counting!

45 Ways to Encounter God began as a way to help each other connect with God in different ways.

WM asked our Salvation Army Women's Ministries Facebook community how they connected with God and commissioned a young Salvationist artist Crystal Anniss to beautifully illustrate a poster. 

As we designed this, we saw an opportunity to honour The Salvation Army New Zealand's bicultural commitment to Māori - our first nation people - and connect with God. Our resource specialist Rosy Keane partnered with The Salvation Army Māori Ministries to get 45 Ways To Encounter God translated into Māori. From there, we now have one for each of the countries in The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, as well as a Spanish translation thanks to Lieutenant Grant Hall from the USA!

The 45 Ways to Encounter God are now available in six languages:

  • English
  • Te Reo Māori
  • Fijian
  • Tongan
  • Samoan
  • Spanish

Downloads are at the bottom of this page! A huge thank you to each of the translators who made this possible.

  • Why is biculturalism important to The Salvation Army New Zealand?

'The Salvation Army is firmly committed to honouring the principles of partnership, protection and participation inherent in Te Tiriti o Waitangi.' - The Salvation Army New Zealand's Bicultural Statement

The Salvation Army in Aotearoa is blessed with a rich history of Māori Salvationists and influences, and our nation's biculturalism is thanks to our Māori forebearers - the indigenous people of New Zealand. WM treats New Zealand's commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi) and The Salvation Army's commitment to biculturalism as a binding oath.

We long for ways to connect with Te Reo Māori, and to rediscover the art of listening to the Spirit of God placed in Te Ao Māori (the Māori world). How can connecting to the cultures around your community help you better understand the multifaceted nature of God?

45 Ways to Encounter God multilingual posters

    We want you to be able to connect with God in fresh and unexpected ways - sometimes in the little everyday acts of living and being. We want to be looking for ways culture, spiritual practice and language reflect the bigness of who God is!

    We hope you will use and print the 45 Ways to Encounter God posters as a teaching and connection tool, wherever you are. Our 45 Ways to Encounter God posters are:

    • A great language tool

    • A variety of ideas for connecting with God from real people

    • Great for youth and children
    • A good way to honour different cultures and connect with one another
    • Good in schools, home groups, bible studies and a variety of group settings
    • Great used in devotional time to keep experiencing God anew

    Printing: Simply download the WM 45 Ways to Encounter God below and print as small or as large as you like! A3 size land heavier card stock are best for a high-quality poster.

    Sharing: Please feel free to share this with whoever you like. We would love to see photos and hear your experience - come join our Salvation Army Women's Ministries Facebook community, and tag your photos with #45WaysToEncounterGod

    God bless you. 

    45 Ways Full Set

    Type: PDF
    Size: 3.77 MB
    Date: 31 May 2021

    45 Ways English

    Type: PDF
    Size: 1.33 MB
    Date: 31 May 2021

    45 Ways Samoan

    Type: PDF
    Size: 895.33 KB
    Date: 31 May 2021

    45 Ways Māori

    Type: PDF
    Size: 897.19 KB
    Date: 31 May 2021

    45 Ways Fijian

    Type: PDF
    Size: 1006.68 KB
    Date: 31 May 2021

    45 Ways Tongan

    Type: PDF
    Size: 968.83 KB
    Date: 31 May 2021

    45 Ways Spanish

    Type: PDF
    Size: 928.03 KB
    Date: 31 May 2021