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No Shade Fairtrade Printable

Are you looking for simple inspiration in your journey to becoming fair trade? Look no further!

No Shade Fairtrade is a simple guide created by women from The Salvation Army who are seeking to be fairer in the way they live and purchase. This is a guide on how to become fair trade, with no judgement (no shade!), as you start trading fairly in your life.

The Salvation Army Glen Eden's Corps Officer, Missy Ditchburn, talked ot us about what it takes to live a fair trade life - check out the article here. Missy has been on the fair trade journey since she was 16, and she is passionate about the implications of trading fairly. Her answers helped us with the ideas for our No Shade Fairtrade sheet and The Salvation Army Upper Hutt's Crystal Anniss created the custom illustrations.

If you do all of them or can only manage one, we support you!

'Justice and equity are at the heart of the good news. By its own admission, the church has taken up the responsibility held out by the gospel of Christ. The church must not lower our standard because living fairly is hard, but instead encourage and challenge each other to continue on in spite of the fact that it is hard.' - Missy Ditchburn

No Shade Fairtrade Sheet

To 'throw shade' means to judge someone in a negative light. We understand starting out a lifestyle of fair trade and ethical living might seem scary! So we made this No Shade Fairtrade sheet, with simple suggestions to give you inspiration in your journey. They come in three different designs so you can get the one that best suits you - check them out at the bottom of the page.

'And if you make a sale to your neighbor or buy from your neighbor, you shall not wrong one another.' - Leviticus 25:14

Daylight robbery

Imagine buying a cake from a shop. Wonderful!

You pay the price asked and walk away happy. But not long later, you find out that the cake was stolen from the person who made it. It was packaged up, shipped overseas and sold to you by the shop... imagine your dismay! Even though you paid the price asked, an injustice was committed against the person who produced the cake. You are responsible in your knowledge that the producer was robbed.

When we buy products, we need to make sure that those who produced it weren't robbed. In making workers labour in dangerous conidtions for unliveable amounts of pay to satisfy our consumption - that is robbery. We are robbing our brothers and sisters of the right to live freely.

We know that God is a God of justice, fairness and righteousness. He calls the church to be like their Father in this regard, to be covered in love and to treat others with the same love God showed us by calling us his children. (I John 3:1) 

Be encouraged

You are doing great! You made it this far! Keep going! Even if you only manage ONE of the items on the No Shade Fairtrade list - that's a great start. Prayerfully consider what it is God is asking you to do and calling you to advocate for in regards to trading fairly in your context.

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