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Use our free resources for World Day of Prayer 2020: Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk

This Friday March 6 is World Day of Prayer 2020: Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk, prepared by the women and young adult women of Zimbabwe. Salvationists have a long history of gathering around the globe in ecumenical community for World Day of Prayer. Will you rise with us?

The World Day of Prayer (WDOP) began with one woman's call for the community to pray for mission work. Over 130 years and 170 countries later, these women-led gatherings continue to rise to the call to pray.

World Day of Prayer is held on the first Friday of March and is prepared by a different country each year. WDOP's motto is 'Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action', unveiling the practical and spiritual needs of a country and urging WDOP attendees to rise to pray.

World Day of Prayer Resources to use

The Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada have supplied an entire website of resources to help you plan your day. Included are music, information for leaders, devotionals and background material needed for your gathering to flow. Here is a short video on some of the key features of Zimbabwe to familiarise yourself with, and a short devotional reflecting on the story in John.

We have also prepared the following free downloads for you to use.

  • WDOP editable poster: download our file below, fill in the details and use as you like to get people to your World Day of Prayer event.
  • WDOP social media: download and reupload our image on your social media, with the relevant details for your event.
  • WDOP commitment card: download and print the commitment card for your group to write responses on.
  • WDOP PowerPoint template: advertise your custom WDOP in the notices with this slide, or use the blank template to add facts to your own presentation.

World Day of Prayer 2020: Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk

This year's World Day of Prayer is coordinated by the women of Zimbabwe: 'Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk'. In 1962, The Salvation Army's Mai Major Nhari and the Methodist's Mai Rev. Kachidza formed the first interdenominational prayer meeting in Zimbabwe. These two women saw the need of prayer warriors, prophets and members of local church bodies to gather together, hearing the needs of the nation and interceding before God. Since then, the World Day of Prayer has spread to many Zimbabwean churches, schools, universities and girls’ and women’s organizations, because these two women rose to the call to pray.

'In 2020 we pray will all Zimbabwean women, as they continue to their journey to all elements of peace'

A quick look at Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, with an estimated population of about 16 million people and 16 official languages. Zimbabwe is rich in natural minerals and farmland, which the British wrested control of through colonisation in 1890. Bloody uprisings over the next decade eventually resulted in Zimbabwe's independence in 1980. The churches of Zimbabwe called for non-violence and peace throughout the turbulent political transitions, and Zimbabwe continues to navigate this historical socio-political upheaval to move toward a brighter future.

  • 80% of the population identify as Christian
  • 20% percent observe either Islam, African traditional religion or Judaism
  • 70% speak the language Shona and 20% speak the language Ndebele. (English is used in school, government and business)
  • 91% of Zimbabweans are literate, one of the highest rates in Africa
  • 25% of children do not live with either parent, largely due to HIV and AIDS

Women and girls face systemic and often violent discrimination, disadvantage and inequality in Zimbabwe. If they are poor, live rurally or are from particular social groups, the inequality compounds. Women and girls face forced marriage, early marriage and obstacles in accessing education and justice. Poor maternal care. cervix and breast cancer, typhoid and cholera have gendered mortality rates for women and girls.

Explanation of the World Day of Prayer Artwork 'Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk' by Nonhlanhla Mathe

The artwork supplied for the posters and book is by Nonhlanhla Mathe, an award-winning Zimbabwean artist who specialises in abstract and semi-abstract figurative paintings. 

  • The top background from right to left represents 'a transition from a dark difficult past as a nation to a more prosperous and promising future.'
  • The bottom background is 'a display of love, healing and reconciliation as inspired by the story of John 5: 2-9a.'
  • The vegetation is 'representative of the potential economic productivity since the nation is an agricultural based economy.'

She says, 'I am very much inspired by people's lives, the way they relate to each other and the way they view things. I focus mainly on women, as a woman myself. Empowerment is also displayed in the work.' Nonhlanhla's painting for World Day of Prayer 2020 portrays people’s lives in Zimbabwean society.

    World Day of Prayer Poster Editable

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    World Day of Prayer Social Media

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    WDOP Commitment Card

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    Powerpoint Poster

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    WDOP Official Artwork

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