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Criminal sexual behaviour

The Salvation Army is committed to providing environments where individuals are treated with respect and dignity and where unwelcome and unacceptable sexual behaviour is prohibited.

We encourage people to complain to The Salvation Army and/or the Police about criminal sexual behaviour. This includes all kinds of sexual violation and sexual assault.

Who this policy applies to

  • Anyone on Salvation Army premises in New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.
  • Anyone participating in a Salvation Army programme, activity or work matter. They could be a staff member, officer, soldier, volunteer, attendee or client.

Complaints can be made by these people

  • The complainant or someone they nominate and give permission to.
  • A Salvation Army officer, manager or employee in charge of the programme or activity in which the alleged activity took place.

The Salvation Army cannot accept third-party complaints.

Rights of those making a complaint

  • You have the right to a response to your complaint that minimises your embarrassment and maintains confidentiality.
  • You are entitled to have a support person present throughout all the formal steps of the process.
  • You are entitled to cease contact with the other party. If this is requested The Salvation Army will use its best endeavours to ensure this.
  • No action in the implementation of our complaints procedure should reduce your legal rights.

Process for making a complaint

  1. Allegations or complaints should be communicated in the first instance to the Territorial Secretary for Personnel. Please address any complaint of alleged historical child sexual abuse offence (where the victim is now an adult) to the Territorial Secretary for Personnel for investigation.
  2. Wherever criminal sexual behaviour is alleged, we encourage the complainant to make a complaint to the Police.
  3. The Salvation Army will assist the Police in any criminal investigation or prosecution. The Salvation Army acknowledges that the Police and Child, Youth and Family are the only groups with statutory duty and the necessary legal powers to fully investigate child abuse. The Salvation Army will not assume responsibility beyond its expertise.